Water splash

Long time i didn’t upload on my blog. Now, i try to show you the realistic water splash image and video. I create from 3Ds Max 2009 and RF4. This the final result….

Now, see this final result video


Slalom Car in Garage

Twilight in Coffee shop

Comfortable place to be with family, lovers or friends

3Ds Max Depth Of Field Effect

In few days ago, I saw some photo from my friend. He just used camera effect to make their photos looks more good. Then, I got inspired with it to make my object render in 3Ds Max looks like that.

So, I managed feature on specially focus and DOF in vray camera, to get more blur behind the object. I didn’t used vray sun or vray light but I just used omni direct light with GI enable.

Here the result.

Passed Trough Under Sun Set at Cliffs

This day I will show you the object that I am doing with 3Ds Max. I just called it Passed Trough Under Sun Set at Cliffs.

First, I made car modeling, then made texture. For made it looking more beautifully, I add the grass, and the cliffs. Everything I did with 3Ds Max. For getting a cloud texture I used Dreamscape Sun plugin and used Vray dome for some lighting.

After I got good results in rendering, then processed in photoshop to produced the perfect image. Here the result.

3d Sea with SitniSati Dreamscape

How does it feel when we are in the middle of a terrifying sea like that, I think we will never be safe. Big waves, storms blowing. But it is only in the shadow alone.
The pictures we see, just an animation. through 2009 with 3ds max plugin “SitniSati Dreamscape”, I was inspired to make a dreadful sea view.

And now, see this video

Room with mentalray rendering

Long time I didn’t upload on my blog. now I try to show you the results of rendering with mentalray in 3ds max 2009.

room as viewed from outside the window

seen room from the inside